Demondoll2001 (demondoll2001) wrote in asiangoths,

Change in this community


This is Demondoll.

This community has been around for two years now, but as you've all noticed. It's pretty damn DEAD. And not in a good way.

I have to admit that that is my own fault. I've been too controlley. I originally made this community somewhat closed (i.e. members had to email me to get in) because I was afraid that if I didn't, the community would be overrun by crazies or Asian-fetishists (y'know the kind of people who dress up as Anime characters or samurais and want to find a Japanese girlfriend), and there would be total chaos.

But I've been thinking that I was wrong. I should be more open. As of now, this community is open; you no longer need my permission to join. I'm going to trust the universe and open it up to the world. Let's hope it does NOT come to ruin because of this. Don't worry: there will still be rules, just more relaxed ones.

I am still your moderator. So, if anything goes amiss, and there is too much spam or trolling, please contact me and let me know. And I will try to resolve it.

Take care,
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